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Gas turbine generator is intended for generation of electric power as a main or emergency source of energy to be supplied to general-duty industrial enterprises. The possibility is provided to use the product as part of autonomous power complexes with utilization of GTG exhaust gas heat in waste heat boilers for hot water or steam production.

Technical Data

Rated output, kW

Efficiency, %

Air flow, kg/s

Compression ratio

Offtake gas temperature, ?С


Fuel consumption, kg/h

Frequency of current generated, Hz

Voltage, V

Overall dimensions, mm

Weight , kg

Specified life, h






Diesel fuel







GTG-100M gas turbine generator development is a result of conversion of the full-scale produced GTG-100K. Distinct from GTG-100K, it has an accessory reduction gearbox with a gear ratio of 8. Two-stage reduction gearbox is of an coaxial type, power stream being divided in three.

Joint with the gas turbine engine outlet shaft and with that of the generator. Reduction gearbox reduces rotational speed from 12 000 rpm to 1 500 rpm of the generator. Three-phase ac generator of a 100 kW rating. 400 V voltage and 50 Hz frequency.

Fuel system allows operation both with liquid fuel and natural gas application. Gas turbine engine, accessory gearbox and generator are mounted in succession on the same frame. GTG-100M provides cogeneration of electrical and thermal energy, with waste-heat boiler mounted on the gas offtake.

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